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May 27, 2018: Illuminated Site of the Week: The Best Offense Is A Psychic Defense

Illuminated Site of the Week:

Popular opinion has it when he died, Nicola Tesla was sitting on plans for a death ray. These were subsequently picked up when his hotel room was raided by secret government forces. MuckRock claims it was even worse than this, though. According to Tom Bearden – you may recall he champions the existence and use of free energy from "the vacuum" – not only did the Russians gain control of some of Tesla's offensive secrets, they had the best defense against them: Tesla shield technology. The famed engineer's energy howitzers could knock our missiles out of the sky, but any that got through would simply impact on the force field surrounding the offending silos and cities. And these cannons weren't limited to hitting us with electricity – they could also throw time at us. Yes, actual time, used as a payload to age or obliterate whatever it hit.

How do we all know this? Through the CIA's psychic research project, of course. This is one page that just keeps giving.

-- Andy

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