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November 6, 2022: Last Chance For The GURPS Horror Bundle Of Holding!

GURPS Horror Bundle of Holding

If you're a last-minute-shopping sort, then beware: We're rapidly approaching the witching hour for the GURPS Horror Bundle of Holding.

Monday, November 7, is the final opportunity for you to get this bundle. The starter set for GURPS Fourth Edition begins at $14.95 and features GURPS Horror, five GURPS Creatures of the Night collections, and terrifying timelines to visit with GURPS Infinite Worlds: Worlds of Horror. Those who spend a bit more on the Bonus collection will get GURPS Zombies and a collection of settings, the Ken-Hite quilled GURPS Madness Dossier, and enough GURPS Monster Hunters supplements to start your fright nights right.

We're also in the home stretch for the revived GURPS 4E Essentials Bundle of Holding, an ideal assortment for those new to GURPS Fourth Edition.

We're afraid you might miss out on discovering what GURPS is all about, so get these bundles today!

-- Steven Marsh

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