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November 8, 2023: Fantasy Fighting Fun For Free?! Does That Even Make Sense?!

The Fantasy Trip: Melee

We've released a bunch of amazing products for The Fantasy Trip over the years. (I'm personally a sucker for the solo adventures such as Red Crypt or Death Test and Death Test 2.) But I'm still somewhat amazed that we're continuing to give away a complete, ready-to-print-and-play version of the game, in the form of The Fantasy Trip: Melee.

Sure, I imagine we're hoping that you'll become so enamored with this fast-paced, quick-and-easy game of tactical fighting fun that you'll be inspired to spend your hard-earned treasure on even more items (like the complete Legacy Edition in print or PDF). But you can have a boatload of entertainment with just this set and some dice! Like, you can have as much fun as you want with it, and the authorities can't stop you.

I don't know . . . the whole thing feels like a giant loophole – one that THEY might plug at any moment. So if you haven't downloaded your own copy of Melee yet, you might want to do so – before THEY figure out what's going on.

-- Steven Marsh

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