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November 9, 2010: Frag Gold Edition: Now More Of What You Want!

Frag Gold Edition Frag Gold Edition: FTW We've dropped the price on Frag Gold Edition! Now, the huge (21" by 33"!) playing board, six dry-erase character sheets, 112 cards, and handfuls of dice, figures, and tokens are just $34.99. If you've been waiting to pick up this upgraded classic, now is the time!

And what, you may ask, is the occasion, to have such good news? Why, it's the release of the first expansion, Frag Gold Edition: FTW!

Wrapped up inside this tidy package is a double-sided game board (Lava? Water? Take your pick!); 10 new cards with new weapons, gear, and power-ups; and counters for classic first-person shooter items like barrels and shootable switches.

Frag Gold Edition: FTW is now shipping to distributors, and should be on store shelves before Thanksgiving.

-- Paul Chapman

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