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November 9, 2021: Say Hello To David Rock - Ogre Line Editor

--- Start Transmission ---

David Rock

Hello from Command Post Omega; deep in the heart of NAC territory. My name is David, and I've signed on as the new Ogre Line Editor. Some of you may already know me as GranitePenguin on the forums, Twitter, or Discord; or as one of the MIBs running a Learn to Play Ogre session at a convention or virtually on the Steam version of Ogre. I'm here to continue the fine tradition of bringing you new Ogre content and keeping the line rolling.
Some of my hobbies are ham radio (mostly digital modes), astronomy and astrophotography, retro computing, microcontrollers, practical special effects, running a BBS, and of course, boardgaming (especially Ogre; go figure).
I still have my original copy of G.E.V. that started it all for me in 1978, and have never stopped playing Ogre in pretty much every form in existence. I'm always ready to talk Ogre with anyone willing to listen (and sometimes with those unwilling; my wife can attest to that), so if you catch me online or at a con, don't hesitate to say hello.
--- End Transmission ---

-- David Rock

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