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November 15, 2021: The Car Wars Double Drum Arena Playmat Indiegogo Campaign Ends Today


Our first giant 4' x 6' playmat for Car Wars Sixth Edition, the Double Drum arena, is now funding on Indiegogo and today is your last chance to join in the campaign! As of this moment, the project is at 90% of its goal and needs roughly 37 more backers at the basic perk level to meet the goal. (Monday Morning Update: The project is now 94% funded and needs less than 20 more backers at the playmat level to meet the goal. This is going to be close!)

This giant playmat can be used in your Car Wars Sixth Edition campaigns however you wish, including to run two simultaneous four-player games and then, when half of the eight total players are wiped out, open the walls between the drums to merge the four surviving cars into a single game!

If you want to get a better idea of the playmat's size relative to the miniatures, please check out the gameplay video that was recorded during our FnordCon online event earlier this month.

Check out the Indiegogo project and please join us today! The new playmat is an experiment of sorts, and we're sure to tackle more giant arena playmats if there's enough demand.

NOTE: Open to U.S. addresses only. If this project is successful, we'll offer any extras of the completed playmat in the future.

-- Phil Reed

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