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November 19, 2021: Become A Car Wars Sixth Edition Fan At BoardGameGeek Today!

As Car Wars Sixth Edition shipping continues, and we see the unofficial Facebook group grow with every passing day, we would like to also encourage all of you to click the "fan" button at BoardGameGeek and show your support for the Car Wars Sixth Edition game. We're excited to watch as so many games hit the table, and the Car Wars Sixth Edition forums at BoardGameGeek keep getting busier and busier as players share their experiences, ask questions, and post their own reviews of the game.

While you're there, don't forget to also subscribe to the game's BoardGameGeek page so that you'll receive notices of new content.

Both the "fan" and "subscribe" buttons are in the dark section at the top of the BoardGameGeek page, directly to the right of the green "buy a copy" and blue "add to collection" buttons. 

We have more in the works for Car Wars Sixth Edition, and subscribing to the game's BoardGameGeek page is another way to receive news of the latest releases for this new edition of the classic game of automotive combat.

-- Phil Reed

PS: If you happen to be at BGG.Con in Dallas this weekend, check out the copy of Car Wars Sixth Edition from the library and give it a whirl! -HS

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