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November 29, 2015: You Must Listen To Heart Beat Circuit

Heart Beat CircuitI sometimes get lost in Bandcamp, clicking around and exploring the site in search of new music. I cannot begin to guess how many times I've looked at the clock at 3 a.m., visited Bandcamp, and then suddenly realized that an hour has vanished from my life. The site seems to be some bizarre form of extraterrestrial abduction event, one that I continue to experience whenever I let my guard down.

You know what, though? I'm entirely happy during these excursions into the site. Over the last year, I've discovered more new music at Bandcamp than I can thoroughly absorb, meaning that I am never lacking for new tunes in my headphones. Bandcamp been a fabulous resource, and back in August when I found Heart Beat Circuit by Smoke Thief I never imagined how many times I would listen to the album . . . over 50 listens in three months? I love this album more than I realized.

And now I happily direct you to Heart Beat Circuit. If you're any kind of fan of ambient instrumentals and electronica, I think you'll find yourself listening to this over and over. You're welcome.

-- Phil Reed

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