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October 8, 2018: You Have An Audience With A King . . . And That's Reason To Worry

GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Adventure 2: Tomb of the Dragon King

You can never have enough adventure when you're a GURPS Dungeon Fantasy hero. Fortunately, we're here to imperil you again . . . with GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Adventure 2: Tomb of the Dragon King!

Tomb of the Dragon King – by Matt Riggsby, author of GURPS Dungeon Fantasy Adventure 1: Mirror of the Fire Demon and Dungeon Fantasy: Against the Rat-Men – tasks the adventurers with finding a long-lost artifact amid the titular tomb. Standing in their way are lizard cultists, menacing monsters, and some other scaly threats that we dare not mention. (But if you read the title again, you might get a substantial clue . . .)

Visit the Tomb of the Dragon King for an adventure your heroes might remember for the rest of their lives (which may be shorter than they think). Excitement is just a download today from Warehouse 23!

-- Steven Marsh

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