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October 9, 2013: My Love Of Transforming Robot Toys Is Showing Again

As some of you may already know, I'm a bit of a toy geek. I have a fairly large collection of action figures, statues, vinyl toys, custom toys, resin toys, and more transforming robot toys than anyone should ever own. I measure my collection in linear feet of lighted shelving at home, and my office at SJGames is decorated with toys and statues. And sometimes that love bleeds over into the real world.

Which brings me to my personal Kickstarter project for a new book. Last year I ran a project to create a book devoted to transforming robot toys, and now a second book is in the works through the Transforming Expectations Kickstarter project. Hundreds of photos all shot and edited by me. Page after page of robot geekery just waiting to tempt your wallets. Hey, what better way is there to share my love of robot toys than through a nice hardcover book?

I hope several of you are as crazy about transforming robot toys as I am.

-- Phil Reed

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