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September 4, 2021: Tower Of The Moon, By David Pulver, Pre-Orders Now Open


The wolf-cult of the moon-goddess Lukariel Sherikira held the Tower of the Moon as their high holy temple. After a night of screams and horror, the tower—and its rumored riches—stood abandoned.

Rumors of trouble coming from the tower spread through the local village of Waldrand. An important person is missing: her last known destination . . . the Tower of the Moon.

Can you find her? Is it already too late? Who will unlock the secrets of the lost cult of Lukariel Sherikira?

Gaming Ballistic's latest adventure for use with The Fantasy Trip, Tower of the Moon, is listed for pre-order at BackerKit!

Rather than launch a Kickstarter project, Gaming Ballistic has chosen to instead jump straight to this pre-order campaign, because all of the work is complete and the book is already heading off to print. By skipping crowdfunding and moving straight to pre-orders, the time between placing your order and the delivery of your adventure (and more if you wish; the pre-order page lists several other adventures) is dramatically reduced.

Pre-order Tower of the Moon today!

-- Phil Reed


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