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September 5, 2016: How To Expand Your Game Of Munchkin Legends Guest Artist Edition

[Munchkin Legends Guest Artist Edition]We know most of our blog readers play Munchkin, but you might still benefit from a few tips about how to expand our recently-released Munchkin Legends Guest Artist Edition.

There are several ways to pump up this Target-exclusive game:

Boosters! Our Munchkin booster packs are an inexpensive way to add a little bit of new fun to an existing game. Almost all of them are 100 percent compatible with Munchkin Legends Guest Artist Edition – as long as it doesn't have another Munchkin set in the title, you're good to go!

Expansions! There are two tuckbox expansions for Munchkin Legends, Faun and Games and Myth Prints, and you can add either or both of them to this set to bring in a new Class or Race and some new monsters and Treasures. Additionally, any expansion for original Munchkin, such as Unnatural Axe or Clerical Errors, will mix into Legends Guest Artist Edition with no problems at all. These expansions come with cards illustrated by the original Munchkin illustrator John Kovalic, and are available at your friendly local game store or from Warehouse 23. 

Combine full games! As we hinted a couple of times, Munchkin and Munchkin Legends Guest Artist Edition work very well if you want to shuffle the decks from both games together. You can also easily mix Legends into any set with the same backs (Munchkin Conan, Munchkin Oz, and Munchkin Pathfinder) or into any Munchkin game as long as you're comfortable knowing which cards are being drawn . . . or you have a lot of card sleeves.

-- Andrew Hackard

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