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September 5, 2022: Cthulhu Dice Returns This Fall!



Effectively out of print for a few years, we're happy to report that this game is returning. The games are in the warehouse and shipping to stores this month. First published in 2010, Cthulhu Dice was a staple in our catalog until we . . . err . . . ran out, with over a dozen different colorways released into the wild.

For this year's reprint, we're back with two classic colors: green and purple! It's been quite a few years since these original Cthulhu Dice were offered to our distribution partners, so this is your chance to add these colors to your game collection without paying aftermarket prices.

For even more Cthulhu in your life, please don't miss our Cthulhu page where we list all our Cthulhu-related games, expansions and accessories. There are . . . several . . . Iä Iä!

-- Phil Reed

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