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September 16, 2003: You Can't Be A Munchkin Without Breaking A Few Eggs

When we announced the Munchkin Master's Screen, we knew we wanted to put some sort of added content in there . . . we just weren't sure what.

But now, we are. We approached Jeff Tidball, author of "Sheep on the Borderlands" (see issue 17 of Dork Tower, or the Heart of Dorkness compilation available through Warehouse 23) and asked him to write us a true Munchkin adventure.

What we got, this morning, in our hot little hands, was "The Village of Omelet." And it is GOOD. Thanks, Jeff, for making the Munchkin Master's Screen a whole lot better.

(Should I mention the Munchkin Cardboard Heroes? No, I probably shouldn't. Y'all didn't hear that.)

-- Andrew Hackard, Managing Editor

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