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September 21, 2021: Possible Outages For The Holidays

Most years, at this time, we would be scrambling to make sure we had our holiday inventory needs under control so that we would be able to meet the demand for our hottest sellers. This year, thanks to the impact the global pandemic has had on manufacturing and shipping, we're forced to admit that we may simply be out of several titles by the end of the year.

To better help everyone prepare for the holiday season, our business office created this listing of titles that will be potentially gone by December 31, 2021. The list is ordered from most likely to evaporate to least likely to vanish, and a number of these are already in the reprint queue. If we're lucky, we'll receive shipments in time that most of the items here don't disappear before the holiday season, but there are no guarantees in today's world. Stock up your gifts now if any of these are on your shopping list!

Note: Due to limited production, some items may already be out of stock.

-- Phil Reed

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