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September 21, 2022: Roll The Deck!, A New Book of Dice Games Launching On Kickstarter Today


The upcoming Pick a Card Dice is expected to land at the warehouse next month and is scheduled for release to stores in late October or November. Although the dice are a handy tool on their own, our creative team invested time in designing new games for use with the dice (along with a deck of standard playing cards). And now, later today, we're launching a Kickstarter campaign to bring Roll the Deck! to your next game session!

Available in PDF and print, Roll the Deck! is an A6-sized booklet of 11 different games, every single one of which you can play with friends and family. The Kickstarter campaign also offers the new Pick a Card Dice for those of you who wish to grab both at once. Just remember that the dice pack is scheduled for release to stores and you can always buy the set at your local store while selecting only the book in the Kickstarter campaign.

The project closes on October 3, so you have less than 2 weeks to join in once it launches!

Please follow Roll the Deck! on Kickstarter today.

-- Phil Reed


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