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September 27, 2017: The Ogre Video Game In Motion, Burning Questions Answered!

Hello, everyone! Jake from Auroch Digital here again, to show you a little more of the Ogre video game we've been working on. This time, through the power of the moving image!

First, we have the first trailer we released, which gives a good overall impression of what we're looking to achieve with the digital adaptation, chiefly: a faithful translation of the tabletop game, that pays deep tribute to its roots, while offering some cool additional features only possible in video games, such as online multiplayer and map sharing.

Hopefully this trailer is old news to you all by now, but here it is in-case you missed it.


Next, we'll focus on a few GIFs we have showing elements of the core gameplay, which will hopefully answer a few questions we've been asked so far.


First up is an Ogre moving into a position against an opposing force. Here you can see multiple weapons being fired on a specific target at once, as you can in the boardgame, as well as the fact that, yes, you can absolutely play as the Ogre in the Skirmish and Multiplayer modes.


Here's the answer to another big question we got: yes, it's possible to choose which specific path your units take, and yes, you can stack units. You'll see that the units here, which are part of separate unit groups, initially show as stacked (the grey hexagon), but then the player moves them around the coastline and they unstack. You can also hover over a hex to see what occupies a specific hex.

Will the game feature different map types, terrain tiles, and their associated effects? Heck, yes, it will. Here, five G.E.V.s in water tiles attack a Howitzer in a city tile. You'll be able to use these tiles to construct your own maps to play on and, when you're happy they're just right, share them with the rest of the Ogre community via Steam Workshop, too.

And that's your lot for now, but I'll be back soon with more about the Ogre video game! Remember that Ogre comes to Windows PCs via Steam on October 5th, so make sure to add it to your Steam Wishlist to be sent a notification as soon as it's available.

Got any more questions? Jump into the forums here or on Steam. Want to see more of Ogre? Give us a follow on Twitter, Facebook, and YouTube.

Speak to you again soon!

-- Jake, Community Manager at Auroch Digital

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