Dominic's Confessions: Day 13

By Prodigal (


Dominic allowed himself a sigh, soft enough so that it never escaped the folds of his robes, as he settled into his seat in the confessional. So many have abused the form of this, while ignoring the spirit behind it, the Most Holy thought as he waited with some trepidation to discover who it was that sat on the other side of the confessional screen.

"Forgive me, Father, for I have sinned," the one opposite Dominic said in a voice almost entirely devoid of emotion. "It has been. . . . My last confession came before the Fall."

"First, Most Holy, I must confess to the sins of Pride and Envy. I believed myself more capable of carrying out my superior's duties than he, and desired his Word for myself. It was through this that Lucifer ensnared me into joining his rebellion."

"And what else have you to confess, my child?"

"My continued disloyalty, even unto those among whom my lot was cast. To this day, despite my expressed loyalty to Hell, I conspire with the Host when it suits my aims. And while I demand perfect loyalty from all those below me, I grant my own to none save myself."

"And have you anything else to confess?"

There was the sound of a breath being drawn, followed by a long moment's pause.

"No, Father, I do not."

"Then the penance I task you with is to perform one act of total selflessness within the next week, one which serves no aim of yours, and for which you claim no credit. Go forth, and sin no more," Dominic closed, more for formality's sake than out of any hope that the one sitting in the penitent's seat would truly obey such an injunction.

"Be seeing you, Most Holy," came the carefully-measured voice from the other side of the booth.

"And you, Stalker," Dominic whispered, wondering whether this had been sincere, or just another move in the Game.


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