Dominic's Confessions: Day 7

By Daniel Gallagher (


He rested, as the lord intended. The Archangel of Judgment had spent six days in work and planed to spend this one in repose. The week had been trying to say the least, and Dominic was gathering the distinct impression that it was on the agenda of every celestial in heaven and hell to make him look like a fool, but finally he could pause and reflect on the past events, himself and god. He meditated quietly for almost an hour until he noticed someone waiting outside his quarters. This was not entirely unexpected; he knew the axiom, no rest of the righteous.

“Enter.” He said. Opening his many eyes to greet this visitor of the day. Surprising l it as Bronwen, won of his most favored servitors. Hr greeted her as kindly as he could manage and told her that she could enter.

“Thank you lord”

“What brings you to me today Bronwen, I trust that I’ve been fair and just of late. That I have been keeping true to my word.”

“Indeed you have lord. I have come today to ask about your confessional campaign. How has it been going?

“Slowly, and in a most frustrating manner. Those truly in need of absolution do not confess, or do so only to mock me, an those who confess earnestly are hardly in need of it. One archangel came to me and confessed every sin which he and committed since his creation, which was a very long time ago, to the present. I almost assigned his penance to be apologizing to the principal of each sin, however I found that to be spiteful and probably more of a punishment for those he was apologizing to. It has not been present and I suppose there it a great deal more to come.”

Bronwen smiled, a subtle change of shape in her beautiful black visage. “You must be troubled”

“Indeed I am,” he sighed “ but I shall survive. So, do you wish me to hear your confession today child.”

“No lord, O would never think of asking anything of you on your day of rest, I instead wondered if perhaps you would wish to confess to me.”

Under his robes Dominic returned her smile.

“Yes,” he said “I believe that is exactly what I need.”

The following conversation was long and revealing as Judgment exposed to his aide-de-camp every sin he committed since his last confession, which he had to admit was a long time ago. In the end, the two sat staring at each other silently.

“And my penance?” Dominic said, breaking the silence first. Bronwen shook her head.

“I think the past week had been penance enough for you, and as you said there’s more to come.”


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