Dominic's Confessions: Day 3 (a digression)

By Charles Phipps (


Dominic sighed on the third day and considered resting but he supposed that he had to wait til at least the seventh day for that. The Eli matter....


Sitting down in his side of the booth he was greated to the sound of a keyboard typing.

Dominic: What sins have you to confess my...

Marc: Hold on there Dommy baby.

Dominic: Dommy...

Marc: YES! I am the man!

Dominic: *scribbles down pride on his notepad* Uh huh

Marc: In a strictly god-serving manner of course.

Dominic: Uh huh. *scribbles it off*

Marc: Well I thought I'd wing down and see if I could liven your judgemental day, I mean without you I would be picky stocks at random really. Sins...sins...sins...

Dominic: Perhaps...

The sound of keyboard typing blares up again.

Marc: Stinking stock market! Errr this is Mammon's fault I know it....or markets. Who KNEW Bill Gates was going to send an e-mail!?

Domic: I....

Marc: Sins Sin Sins...let me think...hmm....oh well I enjoyed Michael Douglas in his performance as Gordan Gecko...I'm sure that was sinfully delightful.

Dominic: Sin isn't...

Sound of typing again

Marc: Oh WHEW that was good.

Dominic for a momment peered over into Marc's cubicle.

Marc: Nice sinfully delightful party with some Lilim there Thursday....whole offer to take the finnances of the Knights Templar off Laurence's back for the while...then having my dissonant account at Philip the Fair's court hear about it...oh yeah the Soirere where oh ahhahahaha oh I can't share that one.

Dominic: *blinks*

Marc: Then there was that OTHER party with some Lilim another Thursday...well alot of days actually.

Sound of keyboard typing.

Dominic: Now what was *that* about?

Marc: Oh that was me slipping my elbow...oh dear I just invested ten billion dollars in Hustler.

Dominic: Err...

Marc: Look at it as branching off into new industry....weakening Andre...

Dominic: Your forgiven!

Dominic mutters exasperated as Marc was out the door just before he leaned out his confessional



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