Dominic's Confessions: Day 3

By William J. Keith (


Dominic had sent Eli's scroll off to some Cherubs to track him, not expecting much but ready to try anything. Someone was waiting in the confessional this time; good. He'd had enough of a confession from some Archangel flitting about the Earth.

He entered his chamber and slid back the panel. Music flowed over him from the other room - song, specifically. Numerous voices raised in song. He looked over.

The Grigori Archangel of Song looked back, smiled, and waved a petite hand at him.

Dominic roused, and she held up a hand to halt him. "Protection of the Confessional, Dominic."

One hundred and eleven eyes blinked one by one. Then he sat back. "I am aware of the requirements, Archangel. What have you to confess?"

"Well, since we haven't met for a while, let's begin shortly after my Outcasting. I was..."

"That was thousands of years ago!"

"Do you want to hear my confession or not?"

Dominic searched for an out, then Decided that however long it took the Archangel of Song to make her confession by due ritual, it would be as an eyeblink to the rest of Heaven. "Proceed."

"Well, I was still madly in love with this hunter from the Eurasian steppes. I din't exactly want to stop seeing him, but..." Dominic settled in. "...and so he wanted to Redeem, right, but here I am Outcast, I can't do as much for him as somebody else..." Dominic waited. " I hear about Gabriel, but it's not like I'd be much help. I try contacting her..." Dominic was gaining tons of useful information, but while angels, certainly Archangels, never fall asleep in Heaven, he was actually getting incredibly - well - bored. She had such a well-modulated voice, it was really quite soothing listening to her. "...and so that brings us up to the present day. I heard about your Confessional from one of my angels, who heard it from Eli, and here I am!" Pause. "Dominic?"

*snrt* Mmph. "I am here. Is your litany quite over?"

"Yes. By the way, I have a number of Servitors with similar stories who'd like to do the same. After you recommend an absolution, can I make some appointments for them?"

She rightly sensed the building tension in the other chamber, so the Song quickly crescendoed and she blinked out.


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