Dominic's Confessions: Day 11

By Charles E. Smith (


Dominic re-entered his confessional booth, having dispensed with his normal duties. There had been the usual trials to conduct, evidence to gather, and reports to read. Despite certain...trials of his own in the last few days, Dominic felt confident that with time, this confessional idea of his could work out very well. He firmly put from his mind the...incidents with Kobal and Andrealphus, deciding to focus on the future. With that thought in mind, the cloaked Seraph took his seat within the confessional stand, awaiting this day's penitents.

It took about an hour or so, then he heard another taking a seat on the other side of the booth. Dominic cleared his throat and said calmly "And how may I help you this day, my child?"

The calm, serene voice on the other side of the booth sent a shock through Dominic. "Thank you confessor, for your valuable time. I shall not be long. My sin is most grievous though."

Dominic gathered himself. "Speak child. The peace of the confessional be upon you."

The voice on the other end said "I have comitted the sin of neglience of duty, and the sin of pride."

The Seraph's voice was puzzled. "Please explain."

The calm voice sounded sad. "I have at times allowed those who most needed my assistance to go their own way, leaving them to the struggles of life or the temptations of the Infernals. I have shown excessive pride in believing my station to be infallible, trusting my own judgement and gambling the futures of those I am given to charge, certain that I am right. That is pride and neglience, Archangel of Judgement. What is to be my penance?"

Dominic's eyes were narrowing in suspicion, but he said thoughtfully "If you have gambled the futures of others, then you yourself must gamble your future. You must struggle and toil ever harder to your task, seeking the aid of others to inform you and not trusting to your own abilities to decide what aid you shall give to others. Your penance then is to take something important and cherished to you, and throw it to the blind winds of chance, as you have done in the pride of your decisions. Go now child, and may God walk with you." He heard the sound of the other standing across the booth and could not resist his curiousity. "If I may ask, who are you?"

The voice on the other end seemed to smile. "I am Yves, and I thank you for excising the self-doubt that even I struggle with. My task, like yours, is not easy, but, like you, I have a Destiny to fulfill. Good day, Dominic." With the sound of retreating footsteps, the Archangel of Destiny depart, leaving a very puzzled Dominic to sit in his stand and wonder as to what could have brought Yves to him.


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