Archangel of Unity

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"United we stand, Divided we fall".

Adariel has been Archangel of Unity from a time before the Fall. His Word has waxed and waned in power often over the millenia. In the years before the Fall, his Word was strong, as all of Heaven stood united under God's rule. During the Fall the Word of Unity was deprived of much of its influence as the demons rebelled against God. Immediately following the Fall, Unity grew strong again as Heaven sought to crush the rebels in outright victory. Such an event did not occur, however, and the War took on new factions as the Archangels maneuvered for political power. Andariel's Word grew weaker because if the Heavenly Hosts could not stand as one, how could humans be expected to?

Recently Andariel has managed to recover some of his influence. Through two World Wars and numerous smaller battles he has managed to bring several nations together. The founding of the United Nations, the destruction of the Berlin Wall, the death of Apartheid -- all these events have aided Andariel in promoting Unity.

Andariel is a Kyriotate, an apparently unusual choice for Archangel of Unity. However, as Andariel points out, only a Kyriotate can appreciate the need for all parts to act as a whole in order to overcome adversity. In celestial form, Andariel does not appear as a traditional formless Kyriotate. He appears as a large group of people of indeterminate age, size and feature. Whenever he talks to someone or they talk to him, one of his 'crowd' of bodies assumes an exact likeness of that person. When he attends the Seraph Council meetings the room literally doubles with people as each one has a doppleganger formed. These doubles are identical to the original in every way, except that they have featureless eyes: simple white orbs. Andariel uses this duplication of individuals as a sign that Heaven must unite as one and leave their petty differences behind if they are to win the War against Hell. Most other Archangels find this little quirk annoying, especially when they are forced to talk to 'themselves'.


It is dissonant for followers of Andariel to introduce disunity into a union. This could include marriages, business partnerships or even sports teams. It is also dissonant for his servants to not attempt to unite parties for the common good. His servants often have Roles such as marriage councilors, social workers and psychologists in an effort to restore Unity to people's lives.



More sensitive to the mind games humans play with themselves, Andariel's Seraphim can use their Resonance to not only detect the truth of a statement, but can also feel whether that statement is absolutely true, or whether it is merely true according to the subject's perpective.


These angels can attune themselves to couples, partnerships, teams or any other union. Each of these bondings only counts as one towards their limit. They can feel each member of that union as if they had a separate bond to them. This does mean that if they attune themselves to too large a group, they are going to be busy protecting them all.


Masters of coincidence, Andariel's Ofanim can use their Resonance on other people. If successful, the person they use it on will 'just happen' to run into someone they had been hoping to meet up with but couldn't find the time, or some other obstacle was in the way.


Heavenly Councilors, these angels may add their Celestial Forces to the Target Number OR the Check Digit of any attempt to bring two sides together to reach a common understanding.


Andariel's Bulldozers. With a Perception Roll, these Malakim can see the biggest obstacle in the subject's path of a reunion (for example, an estranged daughter's stepfather, lack of money etc.) These angels may then take whatever steps they deem necessary to remove the obstacle.


Andariel's favourite uniters, his Kyriotates may possess living creatures up to TWICE the level of their total Forces (18 for a starting character!) They cannot inhabit inanimate objects, however.


By bringing the subjects the angel is attempting to reunit together, Andariel's Mercurians may invoke their resonance to strip away the emotional barriers from all parties, allowing honest, emotional discussion. This lasts for the angel's (Celestial Forces x Check Digit) hours. This can be a dangerous ability. If not handled carefully, when its effects expire, the subjects will realise what happened and may be aggressive towards the angel. Hostile or resistant subjects may make a Will roll - angel's Celestial Forces to resist the effects.



Anger and aggression can severely hinder the reunion process. An angel with this power may spend Essence and make a Will roll to cause the subjects to calm down and react peacefully. No other emotions are effected, but the subjects will not be able to hate or grow angry with each other (or the parties they represent) for a period of (Check Digit) days. Unfortunately, these 'cease-fires' are a temporary solution only. The amount of Essence required depends on the size of the group. 1- 2 people; 2- up to 10 people; 3- up to 100 people; 4- 2 large organisations; 5- 2 military forces; 10- 2 nations. Subjects may resist with a (Will- angel's Forces) roll.


With a Perception roll and 1 Essence, the Angel can cause a subject to not only see their own side of any argument, but the other person's point of view as well. This is not guaranteed to grant peace, but being able to see that your argument is not 100% correct can dramatically affect a person's opinion.



This angel can immediately see exactly what is the cause of any argument or disagreement.


This servant can view a situation and see which side has the 'better' claim or most valid argument in any dispute (GMs discretion).


as above, but the angel with this distinction can not only see who is 'right' -- they can impose their decision on others. The subjects must succeed in a (Will- angel's Forces) roll or accept the angel's decision and make peace according to the angel's terms.


Andariel promotes unity; hence he does not hold any Heavenly force above the others. He walks a fine line. If others seek his opinion (knowing that his judgement is fair, unlike Dominic's, occassionally) then he will deliver it without bias. This is reflected in his politcal profile.

Allied: None.
Associated: All.
Neutral: None.
Hostile: None.


*Bring people together peacefully (2 Essence if more than 100 people).
*Break up a fight or argument.
*Arbitrate a dispute (2 Essence if between Celestials).



+1 A symbol of peace.
+2 A location of Unity (eg. Stadium, Meeting hall, etc.)
+3 A human settling a dispute.
+4 Ten people uniting for a common cause.
+5 One thousand people uniting for a common cause.
+6 A nation uniting for a common cause.


Andariel's greatest Tether at the moment is the United Nations Headquarters. He often has Tethers in other sites of unity.

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