Elerial, Archangel of Patience

by John Karakash


Elerial, the Archangel whose name means Patience, approves of the willingness of all who bide their time in support of In Nomine. Elerial, while not as powerful as some, and sometimes mocked as being too slow or too stodgy, is widely respected. Both David and Marc seek her council regularly and Yves has long been a friend. She dislikes Eli because of the out-of- control way Creation has been handled and Janus since his word causes his servitors to act before the right time.

Elerial's vessels are either male or female, but have tended to be females with calm blue eyes and long brown hair. She is an Elohim, bringing all the balance and dispassion to her schedules as the other Elohim give to their emotional decision.

She remains neutral in most of the Archangel councils, but the common joke is that she is just biding her time. Most do not realize how true that is, and those that do know, don't make that joke.


An angel of Elerial generates dissonance whenever they rush a project, or fail to take the proper time on any task. This also includes advising someone to go quickly or hurriedly when more time should be taken! Note when the goal is speed, this it is not dissonant to move quickly.

Choir Attunements


A seraph can precise estimate exactly how long the minimum time for any project is and its component parts. They can, without a resonance check, tell when anyone is lying to them about a schedule and exactly what is the truth (this includes printed schedules).


When actively protecting an object of their attunement, these holy guardians can interpose themselves and take any damage intended for the attuned object. In addition they are unaffected by any aiming bonus leveled against them.


Not many Ofanim serve Elerial, but those that do gain an increased understanding of pacing as well as speed. In any contest with another that involves speed or motion they get their Celestial forces as a bonus to their check digit on a successful roll.


With a touch, they can give a mortal the ability to withstand travails of extreme emotion that would cause them to act rashly or without forethought for a number of days equal to the Elohim's Celestial Forces.


Whenever a Malakim of Elerial pauses for a round in combat, they either can make a Tactics roll, with a bonus equal to their Celestial Forces to gain new understanding of the situation OR they can add their Celestial Forces to their aiming bonus.


These Kyriotates gain the ability to wait in their hosts without controlling them. They gain no dissonance when their hosts are damaged unless they are actually in control at the time. While not in control they are nearly undetectable.


Similar to the Seraph's ability to estimate a project's time, a Mercurian knows how best to manage the individual people on a project, which activities to delay until later and what hang-ups could be avoided with proper action. Any project with one of these Mercurians in charge will be completed about twice as quickly, with many fewer injuries than most and the people involved will be much happier. (Strange how the boss scheduled a holiday on the day all the girders would be late, eh?)

Servitor Attunements

Stance of Fortitude

Allows the attuned one to resist anything that would cause them to act before the time is right. When doing nothing but waiting for the proper moment to act they have +5 armor and +5 to resist any force brought against them. Where no resistance is usually possible, give the opposing force a -5 to their action.

Counciling Patience

With the expenditure of 1 Essence, they can convince anyone who can be reasoned with at all that they should delay any activity. The length of the delay is proportional to the length of the activity.


Vassal of Planning

Any activity they spend at least 1 hour less ten minutes for every level of Celestial Forces has all penalties halved.

Friend of Delay

They can tell with a glance exactly what action must be taken to delay a foe the longest.

Master of Preparation

All bonuses for extra time spent on an activity are doubled.




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