Archangel of Sport

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Lycurgus, an Elohite servitor of Eli, was granted the Word of Sport in the year 500 B.C. His encouragment and dedication to the pursuit of organised competitive athletism with the goal of pushing the bounderies of human physical prowess led to the first Olympic games in 776 B.C. He had been active for some centuries previous to this however, as at the funeral for Patroclus, described in Homer's Iliad, for example. Lycurgus inluenced Heracles in the fifth century B.C. to use the Games to celebrate his victories after subduing Elis and killing King Augeas. Heracles was a particular favourite of the young Angel. Lycurgus was also the oracle that was said to have ordered Iphitus to ensure the survival of the Games. He had a strong hand in most other similar movements of the times, such as the Pythian, Nemean and Isthmian Games. Under his eye, the great Panhellenic institutions, honouring the blending of mind and body, thrived until 392 A.D. when the Christians suppresseed the "pagan" movement.

Lycurgus still found ways to use sporting pursuits to highlight the objective human endeavor for physical excellence with the express purpose to increase the volume and sheer magisty of the Symphony. Everything from Caber tossing to Mui Thai to the throwing of the boomerang. He was there in 11th century England encouraging the predesecor to soccer and in 1891 with Dr. James Naismith in Sprinfield, Mass., just to name two prominent examples.

He was promoted to Archangel status in 1901 A.D. after over a century of increased international organised sporting activities, including the resurgance of the modern Olympic Games in Athens 1896. His work with a Soldier called Baron Pierre de Coubertin to breathe new life into his beloved Olympics made it obvious just how influential sport was going to be to the Symphony in the future. The "peaceful and courteous contests would supply the best of internationalism".

Recently, with the rise of Nybbas the Demon Prince of the Media, many aspects of Sport are become corrupted beyond repair. Servants of Lycugus almost shed a tear at the mere mention of "Pro" wrestling... Lycurgus does his best to try to retain the purity and objective artistry of sporting confrontation, but servants of Nybbas currently have an upper hand. The control that Media have developed over sport in the last 30 years or so has definitely tipped the scales.

Lycurgas is a stern Archangel, but respectful of all those that pursue perfection in physical activity. He still appears an a powerfully built bearded Greek, generally naked and oiled. He disdains all posturing and self glory in words, glorification is for action only. His main motivation for this is to try to show people that the noble persuit of sport is a model for how life should be lived. Life is not perfect, but sport can be, so to strive for perfection in all things shall bring one closer to pure divinity. Thus sport is the model of divinity.


Servitors of Lycurgus must ramain unswayed by words of anger or pride. They must always convey themselves as the picture of good natured sportsmanship in all things. The must be a good loser and a humble victor. To personify the the old phrase "it is not to win or lose, but who you play the game..."



The Seraphim consider themselves more the referees of the Games than the participants. They are able to look a person in the eye and tell their inner motives for competition.


The great protectors, Cherubim of Lycurgus will always know if one they are attuned to is being tempted to degrade their sport, either by their own Fate or by the Diabolics.


The Ofanim may "share" their resonance with worthy other practitioners of a sporting pursuit. While participating in sport themselves, an Ofanite does not need to make resonance rolls to use his ability to find the fastest route to his objective.


The Elohim always know how to best achieve the objective of teaching humility to those that have become proud and boastful. This does not always guarantee success, however...


Malakim of Lycurgus can engage any physical activity indefintely without fatigue.


Kyriotates of Lycurgus are bound into the vessel of a sportsperson with considerable talent who is either jaded by their pusuit or is giving into their basest desires for putting worldy pursuits ahead of their sport.


Mrecurians are great analyzers and commentators of sport. They are the best able to affect people positively about sport, enabling them to see the relevence of sportsmanship in the rest of life.


The Unbinding of Justice:

The angel may ensure that a sporting event will be officiated with total fariness and without bias. The refereeing will remain uneffected by any such thing as bribery, "star treatment", fan/coaching pressure, network considerations... etc

Level Playing Field:

The Angel may reduce the odds of any sort of confrontation to one on one. All others are unable to perform any acts against the one protected unless it is to replace the other one upon his demise.


Vassal of Competition:

Angels of this rank are able to match compeditors of equal natural ability with great precision. Thus, the heart and desire for excellence becomes the major factor.

Friend of the Worthy:

With this rank the angel is able to assist those Worthy sportspeople that are injured to recover from anything but the most serious of afflictions overnight.

Master of the Games:

Angels of this level may understand and compete in any sport known to man. Their skill is that of an average professional (5) in every sport. He will be able to talk about and analyze any sport with ease.


Michael and Lycurgus have had several minor run ins, generally regarding Michael's pride in his domination of those that stand against him. He also does not take Lycurgus very seriously.

Allied: Dominic, Blandine, Yves
Associated: All others
Hostile: Michael




+1 Watching a live sporting event
+2 Surrounded by sporting equipment
+3 Prior to participating in a sport
+4 In a famous sporting arena (The sight of Boston Garden, the Collisium...)
+5 With a great and worthy sportsman
+6 Just prior to Participating in an internatinal sporting event

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