Raphael, Archangel of Healing

Created by: "Kurt White" <doombu@msn.com>

Raphael is one of God's most faithful angels. One of the first angels created by God, through his great contact with the Corporeal world, Raphael has become increasingly devoted to the human race. He is declared in the book of Enoch as being "set over all the diseases and all the wounds of the children of men". It is Raphael's lot to watch over Man, and safeguard his charges from illness and disease.

Raphael has always seen himself as one of the "old boys", along with Yves, Uriel, Gabriel, and Michael. But since Uriel's recall to higher Heaven, Gabriel's apparent insanity, and Michael's charge of vainglory, Raphael has become distanced somewhat from his fellow angels, only recognising Yves as a contemporary, if not an ally. Raphael has never truly been at ease with the enigmatic Angel of Destiny.

Raphael appears on Earth generally as an attractive younger man, with dark hair, and a slightly chubby build, almost the archetypal Cherub. He is always well dressed, and has a quiet, unassuming "bedside manner".


To an angel of Raphael, knowingly allowing human suffering when the angel could help that person will cause dissonance. That is, if a human has taken body hits, and the angel knows the Corporeal Song of Healing, it is dissonant not to use it on the human.



Having the closest connection of all angels to the Highest, Seraphim casting the Celestial song of Healing on a target may add their Celestial Forces to the check digit when determining the result.


It is a spinoff of the cherub's devotion to their attunements that all cherubim add their Corporeal Forces to the check digit of any successful Corporeal Song of Healing used on a human.


Ofanim may use their energies to speed up the healing process. For every 1 Essence spent, the target heals damage as if 1 full day had passed.


As the angels most closely attuned to the emotions of humans, Elohim may add their Ethereal Forces to the check digit of a successful Ethereal Song of Healing.


There are no Malakim serving Raphael, they do not seem to be oriented to the mindset required as a healer. "I hit you now!"


Kyriotates of Healing are the most fanatical about human health, so much so that it has become a major part of their minds. Hosts of the Kyriotates heal one extra body hit per day, until the Kyrio leaves.


Mercurians receive 12 free points at character creation, which they can spend on a role related to the medical profession (GP, vet, ambulance driver, etc). They may also use these points to buy relevant skills, such as Medicine.


Healing Hands:

The angel may transfer any Corporeal, Ethereal or Celestial damage from his target (who must be touched by the angel) onto himself. This costs 1 Essence per damage type transferred (not damage POINT).

Faith Healer:

By laying hands on a human, the angel can cure the target of any affliction, such as disease, the effects of drug overdose, even removing alcohol from the body. This costs 3 Essence upon a successful Will roll.


Vassal of Well-Being:

the angel may tell at a glance (sucessful Perception roll) if the target is suffering from any illness, from headaches through to diabetes, etc.

Friend of Faithful Cures:

The angel can imbue the target with a feeling of great health. The target gains the angel's Corporeal Forces in Body hits for d6 hours. This ability can only be used once per day.

Master of the Heavenly Balm:

The angel may restore Forces lost due to Soul Hits, provided that the force was lost not more than one week ago. This requires the expenditure of 5 Essence, and a successful Will roll.


Raphael has always allied himself closely to the more peaceful Archangels, but is still associated with Gabriel and Micheal, perhaps more out of a sense of cameraderie, having been among the first angels created by God. He has always shown great disdain to the more warlike angels, particularly Dominic, who Raphael sees as an unconscionable bully.

Allied: Novalis, Blandine
Associated: Michael, Eli, Gabriel
Hostile: Laurence, David, Dominic



Invocation Modifiers

+1 A packet of aspirin
+2 A wheelchair
+3 Holding a medical bag used by a doctor on his rounds
+4 In an Intensive Care ward
+5 Holding an organ prepared for transplant (heart, etc)
+6 Successfully performing open-heart surgery (or similarly dangerous operation)

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