Karypti, "Angel" of Schlock Horror

By Genevieve "Maya" Cogman (maya@tcp.co.uk)


Demon ("Angel, I tell you!") of Schlock Horror
Habbalite Baron of Saminga
Rite : Kill a person in such a way that it is appropriate to the person's sins (2 Essence)
Attunement : Know what corpse you could raise would cause the most distress to your victim (1 Essence)

Karypti has been around . . . for a while. Quite a while. Some of the other Servitors of Death say that he wasn't always quite as bad as he is now. They point at episodes when he stalked the narrow streets of cities or the dank corners of cemetaries, when he didn't cackle quite so much, and before someone lent him his first copy of _Tales from the Crypt_.

As it stands now, Karypti has the unusual honour of being a demon of Saminga who is popular and famous among Servitors of Nybbas and Kobal. Nybbytes, because he tends to produce such wonderful material -- and Kobalites because he's just so darn funny. (Assuming, of course, that you have the right and proper refinement of taste for such an elegant postmodern savage joke -- it would be so gauche not to Get It.)

Karypti pursued his own manner of serving Death for centuries before he came to the attention of his Lord, patiently stalking sinners and giving them "appropriate" ends. Often ones that involved zombis. Lots of zombis. And blood. And hacking them to bits. And trapping them in burning houses. And horrible things just outside the window. And . . . well, you get the idea. Saminga was enchanted. What's more, this servitor of his even appreciated Saminga's taste and wit, and was willing to incorporate his Dread Lord's suggestions in his work! (Yes, it's true. Karypti has no taste.) Saminga was quick to request the Word of Just Retribution To Sinners (the Habbalite's request) from Lucifer, and was mildly surprised when Karypti ended up with Schlock Horror.

Through the usual process of demonic self-deception, Karypti decided that the Inner Meaning of Schlock Horror was clearly Just Retribution To Sinners, and set about his task with renewed enthusiasm. His Habbalite beliefs mean that he almost always targets sinners of some stripe -- in fact, if he runs across someone who is genuinely and totally innocent, he lets them go free. Most of the time. Sometimes he waits long enough for the Sinner who he is stalking to Prove His Guilt by Killing Innocents -- and then Inflicts Just Punishment. (He is extremely fond of capital letters.) His generally high death toll has kept him free from accusations of treason -- so far.

However, he is something of a loose cannon towards other demons. While he will not attack them personally, local Soldiers of Hell frequently seem to end up on his schedule of Sinners to be Punished, unless local demons take care to notify him that they are their property. He also tends to leave angels alone, as they don't fit into his personal delusions of Mission, unless they actually get in his way. Once or twice, he is even reputed to have dropped off a few Innocents Saved From A Vile Murderer at a local Angelic Tether. This sort of action would attract fervent attention from the Game, were it not for the high death rate among anybody close to him, and the fact that he's still a particular favourite of Saminga. Rumours that he is occasionally given the names of Sinners by certain angelic contacts are doubtless utterly false, and have yet to be credibly proven.

Karypti's vessel is that of an elderly man, in tattered and moulding business suit, white hair straggling round his face, decay and dirt on his flesh. If it weren't for the fact that he has A Cool Top Hat (a variant on Cool Shades (Liber Reliquarum), which provide a weakened version of the Ethereal Song of Form) he would be extremely noticeable. He is prone to dry, hacking coughs and chuckles, offstage narration (while wearing his Cool Top Hat) to suit his sense of theatre, and really gross murders. He does not disdain mortal inspiration when it comes to Inflicting Suitable Punishment, and any local hideout of his rapidly acquires a video recorder, a television, stacks of horror videos, and the latest tacky horror fiction and comics. (And please don't ask what that nasty smell coming from behind you in the cinema is, or those dry coughs, while you're watching Army of Darkness XXX -- you wouldn't like the answer.) He travels constantly, always looking for his next victi . . . er, target. While he rarely uses minions (apart from his faithful zombis) he is well-stocked with Songs and Attunements, including several from Beleth, who appreciates his work.

Several Servitors of Nybbas would love to get a reliable lead on his whereabouts -- he makes wonderful footage.


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