Lucretia, Demon of Brainwashing

By Charles Phipps (


Lilim Baroness of Justice
Demon of Brainwashing

Corporeal- 3 Strength 6 Agility 6
Ethereal- 5 Intelligence 11 Precision 9
Celestial- 5 Will 12 Perception 8

Vessel: Human/5 (Charisma+2); Cat/5
Role: Scientist/5
Skills: Detect Lies/5, Dodge/3, Electronics/4, Emote 3/, Hypnosis/4 Lying/5, Medicine (Psychology)/6, Savoir Fair/3, Seduction/5, Torture/5
Songs: Attraction (Ethereal/3), Charm (Ethereal 5/Celestial/6), Entropy (Ethereal/4), Healing (Ethereal/5)

Special rite: Get someone to turn against a strongly held belief, Turn someone into your puppet (2 Essence)

Attunements: Baroness of Justice, Captain of Integrity, Demon of Brainwashing, Humanity, Subliminal

Lucretia is a beutiful Lilim with deep raven black hair and crystal blue eyes. In Hell, she prefers a quasi-military esque uniform and a deep almost malevelent voice to her pratically timid demeanor and tone in the corporeal plane. One of Asmodeus's older servitors, Lucretia long ago paid back her debts to her mother and those other demons who managed to win over her service to for a time being. One particular geas however was not to a demon however but to an angel of stone which was particularly horrofic as he tried to get her to abandon her hellish sworn duty through ordeal. Lucretia survived this trial however and developed something that Asmodeus was disturbed by as much as he was delighted; a fanatical belief in the evil of heaven and the glorious nature of the demonic "mission".

Since that time (somewhere in the 12th century) Lucretia has devoted herself to developing among mortals the desire to shape men's minds from beliefs that they hold dear into something different or (prefferably) the polar opposite of what they held before. This work became almost practice though to her true goal; developing a method of consistantly corrupting captured servants of Heaven either soldier or angelic. In 1956 she recieved the word of brainwashing from her work with the Central Intelligence Agency and Soviet branches of government (acomplished by dual vessels). Using her techniques perfected she has consistantly proven results and reached the point where she has broken no less than half the angels Asmodeus has entrusted to her. Her current role is that of a meek timid doctor named Dr. Susanne Ravencroft who advocates unorthodox hypnotic and regressive treatment to treat the insane and crimminal. Unofficially she is a consultant to the military on developing reliable means of removing undesirable features from soldiers. The respect for her work is surprisingly high since she is a very patient demon and is merely laying the groundwork for what she envisions as an Orwellian nightmare (1984 is a book that she truly loathes due to the damage it has wrought to her funding). Lucretia has yet to break any Malakim under her "caresses" and indeed has ended up destroying each one. Lucretia however is certain eventually she will corrupt one and gain a Princeship among Hell allied to Baal, Kronos, Asmodeus, and usher in the new age of adulation to Hell.

Demon of Brainwashing Attunement: This ability is a truly malignant one that Lucretia has put to great effect for it allows her to with the expenditure of essence equal to a subjects willpower, to remove any single aspect of a person's loyalty or give him an aspect that is desirable (it must be prepared properly as loyalty to Heaven removed will not remove loyalty to it's angels or God for instance). Also spending less than the ammount of essence necessary will simply waste it as they fight it off. Thus Lucretia finds herself in constant need of the stuff of the Symphony but puts it to very dangerous use.

Lucretia's Prison: A hideous looking prison located on a mountaintop in Hades; Lucretia's prison is a place that is perpetually filled with the wailing of souls shouting spites to loved ones, singing the praises of Hell or Lucretia or screaming in agony. In other words it's not terribly remarkable save for the inside which range from the sensously palatible (outstripping all but the most luxurious of Shal-Mari's delights) to the horrofically torturous like Sheol. Lucretia's servitors practice a multitude of techniques that has garnered her more than alittle attention from servitors of Lust and Belial on occasion. She employs these when her own servitors are insufficent through traded favors (never her own). Still her own servitors are often almost as capable and greatly more versitile that she has rarely has to do so. On occasion Lucretia has developed a obsession with one or more prisoners in hopes they might join her. Lately it has been Malakim and while dangerous; is one of the few chances for escape one may have....and for perhaps her death.


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