The Final Trumpet

By Prodigal (


EXTREME CLOSEUP on an eye of almost perfect blue, filmed over. ZOOM OUT to show an angel lying in a pool of blood, its wings shattered. DISSOLVE to another dead body, this one with wings that mark it as a demon. Continue DISSOLVING from dead celestial to dead celestial, each lying dead from a different cause.


"A great city is emptied of the children of heaven."

CUT to a group of rioters in Arabic robes storming the home of a man who looks down from his balcony at them beatifically, all seen through a gun sight that centers between his eyes.


"The Holiest Man in the World Dies by Hands Not Mortal."

CUT to a field of bodies, their blood soaking the grass and the broken plants surrounding them. The dead stretch as far as the eye can see, an unbroken road of corpses.


"The Mortal Tyrant Harvests a Million Souls."

CUT to the North Sea. The MIDGARD SERPENT rises, tossing the wreckage of broken ships in all directions. Standing before it on an outcropping of rock is THOR, GOD OF THUNDER, screaming a challenge as lightning strikes all around them.


"An Ancient Evil Breaks its Bonds."

CUT to the Seraphim Council. YVES, face lined with immortal sorrow, looks at his fellow Archangels, bows his head, and softly says, "We are agreed."

CUT to the throne room of LUCIFER, smiling broadly at the Princes of Hell as he proudly says, "We are agreed."

CUT to SPLIT-SCREEN, YVESí face on the left half, LUCIFERíS face on the right, as they say in unison, "It is War."


In Unity, War is Embraced.

CUT to a series of shots of cities in ruins

CUT to BELIAL standing in the middle of the US CAPITAL DOME, laughing maniacally as it bursts into flames.

BELIAL: "Burn, baby! BURN!"


"At the Changing of the Year, All the Continents are at War."

CUT to an open plain, the combined forces of Heaven and Hell readied for war, as MICHAEL and BAAL fight with axe and sword, each wounded severely but refusing to fall.


"The Champions Battle amid the Flames and One is Vanquished."

CUT to a small chamber. ELI stands before DOMINIC, with YVES, JANUS, NOVALIS, LILITH, and KOBAL in the background.

ELI: "So now you finally know what I spent my exile creating, Most Holy."

KOBAL: "And now you finally get the joke."

ELI: "Will you stand with us, Archangel of Judgment, or will you stand with those who will bring an end to all?"

FADE to a black background, with letters of fire spelling out

The Final Trumpet


"And I will not be a pawn of the Prince of Darkness, any longer..."



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