Best Lines From Last Night's Game

By Jason Corley (


(The demons think that someone who is poking around and asking questions may be working for Heaven. They are trying to get him in trouble with the cops and having marginal success.)

LILIM OF NYBBAS: I call Bill Walsh.
GM: Bill Walsh?
LILIM: You know, the "America's Most Wanted" guy. I'm sure he'd like an exclusive.


(A Balseraph tries to get rid of dissonance: he was caught in a lie by LAPD officer Ed Smith.)

BALSERAPH: "Is Officer Smith here?"
SMITH (emerging): You know, giving false information to a pol...
BALSERAPH: "Your fly is open." (rolls resonance, proudly announces "I made it!")
GM: Okay, mark off that point of dissonance.
GM: Smith looks down at his fly: "Wha...?" he says intelligently. Then he looks up and scowls. "Very funny." Take a point of dissonance.
BALSERAPH: Er. Damn. Forgot about that.


GM: These foster parents look like a kindly loving old couple. All you see in the way of desires in their eyes is that Lisa wants to have a child of her own and Daniel wants to make Lisa happy and take care of people.
LILIM: Damn. They must pay.
IMPUDITE: Don't worry. All we have to do is heist one of their wards, kick the shit out of the little cherub, molest him, and call CPS on them.
LILIM: Beautiful.
BALSERAPH: But not -right- away. They're still useful.
GM: Are any of you saying this in-character?
(General shaking of head, "no no no")
GM: Would you mind getting back on track?
LILIM: Killjoy.


GM: The angel curses in Enochian, your tail strangling the life out of her vessel.
BALSERAPH: What does she say? "Darn you all to heck?"
GM: No, she'd probably be in trouble if her Superior could hear the language she's using.
BALSERAPH: Ooh! I almost want to let her go. Nah.



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