Fourteen Balseraphim and the Truth

by Kingsley Lintz <lintking @>


Fourteen Balseraphim were accidentally asked if the same question was true, and gave the following responses:
Lust: Why, of COURSE it is. Everything they say about me is true, sugar...why don't we just stop by my apartment after work, and I'll prove it? Don't worry about the little woman, cutie, I'm sure she'll keep dinner warm for you.
The Game: I'm afraid not, but, just out of curiosity, where'd you hear that question? I can promise you protection if you just reveal your source.
War: [Regrettably, our correspondant who spoke with the Balseraph of War has not yet recovered from Trauma to reveal her reaction.]
Nightmares: No, no, that isn't true at all...any more than it's true that those noises you heard last night were only the house settling.
Fire: Who cares? `Is it true' is a dumb question...what matters is, is it FLAMMABLE?
Gluttony: *Burp*
Dark Humor: Heh...I hadn't heard that one before. You heard the one about the priest, the choir boy, and the yak? That one's true, too.
Fate: You won't need to worry about such irrelevancies when you finally come over to our side...and you will. Believe me, you will.
Factions: No, my friend, I'm afraid...well, I hate to be the one to tell you this, but, yes, they lied to you. Lied and deceived you, and sent you on this fool's errand for who knows what can't think of any reason they'd want you out of the house for a few hours, can you?
Media: Is it true? Is it TRUE? Babe, don't even TALK to me about true. We're talking about the six o'clock NEWS here. It's enterTAINment. We've got two explosions and a flood tonight, and you want to talk truth? I tell ya, you keep that up, you're going nowhere in this town.
Death: No, but it is but a small lie compared to the great lie of life.
Theft: Interesting question, that, and of course I know the answer. As it happens, no, it's...hey! I think that kid just filched your wallet!
Technology: Perhaps, perhaps not. I have an experiment that will tell us once and for all, if that is true or not. Here, let me strap you in.
Freedom: Let's look a little deeper...why are you so concerned with it? What, after all, is truth, but a cage? Every so-called `truth' is just a wall thrown up against all the other possibilities you could have had, and this obsession with seeking `truth' is a trap society has built into your psyche. Join with me and fight the oppression of `truth'!

**Flaming Feather**

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