Song of Incubement...

By (Redneck Gaijin) ()


For: Fluffy the Spampire Slayer

New Song: Incubement Cost: 3 Essence/use Disturbance: Essence + Corp/Eth/Cel Forces of victim + 5

CORPOREAL - The song compresses a vessel or human into a cube some four inches on a side. The being thus encapsulated will either go into stasis (if human) or enter another Vessel or go Celestial (Celestial). This song does not kill the victim, and its effects may be nullified at will. (One use of this song inspired a plot device for a particularly insipid episode of the original 'Star Trek.' The angel who tipped the humans off about the cube trick, a Malakite of Eli, was also the original source of the line, "It... it... it's green.")

ETHEREAL - The song produces a Rubik's-cube type object which represents the thought processes of the victim. Twisting the sides and screwing up the pretty friendly colors does odd things to their mind...

CELESTIAL - The song, which may only be used in Sheol, produces 1 ton of ice cubes, roughly 1 inch a side, which will resist melting for a period in hours equal to the check digit of the roll.

--- Redneck (it's all in fun)

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