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Earl wrote:

Emily Dresner wrote:

Someone else reinforces my belief that Eli and Kobal get together on a regular basis for drinks. Maybe they bring Janus and Lilith.

Hm. This sparked a tiny bit of insight for me, just now, possibly not worth much. But I have been thinking, on and off, about the natural "parties" or "factions" within the celestials, trying to find natural groupings.

Maybe they weren't supposed to hang with other members of the 'same' faction but actually withopposites, to keep each other in check ;-)

This was kind of my theory on Judgement & Creation. If you look in Genesis at the creation bits, it generally says 'God created X' and then later on 'And God saw that X was good.' Creation, and then Judgement. So they were originally meant to work hand in hand. Originally Judgement was never intended to judge angels because they didn't need it, and creation did, so no-one was afraid of it. They sought it out because they wanted to know if stuff they were creating was good or not.

After the fall that changed.

Now creation is going wild, unchecked, and judgement is turning in upon itself. How long before Dominic finds something in himself to declare heretical? Maybe Eli had a moment of insight or chatted to God about this, so his actual reason for being AWOL is to force a trial, at which some of these things will come to light and bridges can be mended.



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