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Okay, so the consensus seems to be that the whole thing is relatively open and aboveboard, useable in the same points in conversation where you would place "doctor" or "programmer" or "bread mold". Next question: How well known are the Choir/Superior attunements? If someone meets an Ofanite of Fire, does the little box which says "Immune to fire, heat, and radiation" immediately light up in their head? How about the other attunements? If you meet a servitor of Marc, would you know enough to ask them if they can write binding contracts?

If you're serving the same Superior, you know your fellows' abilities.

If you're serving an allied Superior, you probably will know unless you're utterly new to Earth -- any attunements that might function in your home-base (Heaven/Hell), you'll probably know. Others you might. (The GM and player can discuss and agree, or use an INT roll or something.)

If you're serving an associated Superior, you'll at least know dissonance conditions for the other celestial, and may know the abilities of your Choir/Band members (if you're the sort to hang out with your own kind) and those you're likely to hang out with (such as Kyriotates and Elohim, or Lilim and those yummy Djinn who want cuddling). Again, the GM and player can come to a conclusion based off the character's background, or INT can be rolled (perhaps at a small penalty).

If you're serving a neutral Superior, you'll probably know rough dissonance conditions, and may know abilities if the GM thinks it fits your background. Or use an INT roll at a moderate penalty.

If you're serving a hostile Superior, it depends on if you've been studying the 'enemy' or ignoring it as hard as possible. You'll know stereotypes (which are correct with Novalis -- peacepeacepeace -- and probably incorrect with Judgment -- pokerspined and closeminded and will lock you up if you twitch funny (harass some, yes, lock up... probably not)). You may know some of the more *irritating* abilities -- Kyriotates of Jean live in toasters, Kyrios of Jordi are like fleas. For subtle things, definitely INT, perhaps with a severe penalty, unless the GM thinks it would fit your background to know something. (Was imprisoned in a brothel of Lust for a month, say.)


Demons who hang out in Shal-Mari will probably know the tricks of Lust, Gluttony, and Dark Humor, since there are so many of those demons there.

Free Lilim know the abilities of just about all their Bound sisters, at least in rough outline. (It's 'cause Band Attunements are hawked in the Guildhall.) Except Bright abilities.

Servitors of the Game will know abilities of their Band, and have at least rough outlines of the abilities of all Hostile Superiors' Servitors. They also sometimes are well acquainted with Judgment abilities, for some funky reason. Must be because Fallen Judgies wind up there?

Servitors of Baal may get briefings of the abilities of someone they're working with. They definitely get briefings on the abilities of the more militant Archangels' Servitors.

Beleth and Blandine's Servitors are well acquainted with each other's abilties.

Demons often make it a point to be able to recognize Malakim. Flaming Green Hands are Fire, throwing Hallmark Greeting Cards Of Doom is Creation. If you're in the Marches and someone sticks a sword over your shoulder and says "Guess Who," that's a Malakite of Dreams. Jean's have tech-toys, often.

Angels of Michael and Laurence work together enough that they're pretty likely to know what's up. Michael's and David's are likewise likely to know what they're capable of.

Judgment gets a full briefing on every subject of inquiry -- this adds up after a while. Seraphim and Cherubim are very likely to have at least general knowledge of angels of every other Archangel, while the other Choirs will have detailed knowledge of the abilities of their Choir. Judgment also sometimes has a lot of knowledge about Servitors of the Game -- perhaps Dominic redeems Game-Renegades? Ask a Servitor of Judgment about the dissonance condition of any other Archangel, and they can probably rattle it off by memory.

Servitors of Destiny can look it up.

Bright Lilim know everything they knew when they were dark, and are often *very* well acquainted with Malakim abilities. (It's hanging around and drooling at them all the time that does it.)

Servitors of the Sword are often aware of the combat abilities of angels and demons.

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