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There was a vague IN based argument last night, in good nature, and it got me thinking about the servitors of Creation and the nature of their Faith. [I've been thinking about this for some time, not just last night.]

The question comes in as thus: are the servitors of Creation serving the physical and mental act of Creating, or are they serving the Whole of Creation?

The former is a less interesting question, as angels just simply encourage humans to make things, granted they are works of art, but still are things. The nature of their Faith is simple and straight forward, there is God, and we serve Him. Standard angelic belief. This seems to be what was intended for a Creationer, since this is what the resonances emphasize.

The latter, to serve all of Creation, is a little more interesting. Instead of just saying, "We're going to create and this is good" <which, granted, does happen>, one is serving all of Creation and everything in it. This means putting aside one's personal morality to accept the universe as it is. The question came up, "Which is better, the creation of a flower or the creation of a disease?" After some thought, the answer was simply "Yes", or better put "Neither". What if the disease kills a baby? Well, was the disease created naturally? If so, then it was all part of Creation, and this includes Destruction, up to and including the death of a baby.

It struck me as a very strange outlook for an Angel, one of which might be seen as "crazy" or "schizophrenic" or "unacceptable" by a large part of Heaven. Which makes the 'pursued by the Inquisition' portion of the background of the game make sense. They have personal sets of morals, and a knowledge of Good and Evil. It is simply, they have trouble pointing to certain acts which are considered 'evil' in some circles and call it wrong. What is morality anyway, but an In Symphony creation by Mankind to define the boundaries of society? What is moral in one place is not necessarily in another, and considered 'taboo' or 'evil'. [Polygamy is a good example.]

In a way, a Creationer following this outlook would be an angel who is following the Superior who is closest to Humanity, and at the very same time, the farthest removed from it. On the one hand, a new piece of music, the opening of a rose, a rainbow after a hard rain, these are all parts of creation. At the same time, so is your good human friend dying of cancer of the liver, a baby with a heart condition, the hunting and killing of a gazelle by lions on the savanaah. It's all part of creation, it has all been within the Symphony, and within the universe, and creation encompasses destruction. All things which are born, die.

It also occured to me that there is nothing a Creationer despises more then a servant of Vapula. It is one thing for the entire machinery of Creation to go through its cycle of life, death, and rebirth. It's entirely different for a Vapulan to introduce a psychosis-inducing manufactured drug into the ground water of a major metropolitan area.

But Creationers would work very well with Flowers, as nature also understands that what is born must die, even if they have a more mild, and less completely anarchistic outlook. They would also work well with Windies (the Winds of Change), Animals (the understanding of Everything Else in Creation) and Destiny (all that is must be brought to its greatest height).

So anyway, I yanked out my copy of the Tao Te Ching, and read through it the other night. Taoism seems to fit very well with the Creationer mindset - which is also completely alien from the Faith of say, the Laurentines or the Dominicans. Unfortunately, Laurentines and Dominicans have a bad habit of carrying large pointy objects and shoving them into the bodies of things which are unacceptable to the Heavenly Order, which tend to be Creationers.

Ah, next thing you know, I'll be whipping out the I Ching, and looking at the lines of the hexagram to discern the Moment. [I can, in fact, see my PCs and NPCs do this.]

It's messing with my head. The completely anarchistic mindset is a difficult one to wrap a consciousness around.

"Religion is a deep subject. Think of all the incompatible faiths and sects. How can you choose one to pour your soul into, without first understanding them all? How can you understand even one thoroughly, without first pouring your soul into it?

I think you have to be a deep person to understand religion. About six feet deep." - the Daily Whale

- Em

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