Dark Humour Attunements

By Hart, Joanna (Joanna.Hart@nectech.co.uk)


I see this as a challenge! I'm trying to think of replacement attunements for Dark Humour.. [none of these would ever be balanced enough for canon - I haven't spent /that/ long thinking about them ;) ]

I was chatting to Kevin about the Prank attunement and how much I dislke it for Dark Humour (on the grounds that cartoon humour is almost straight slapstick and doesn't usually involve clever wordplay, so it fits better with the humour that Haagenti favours). So I wrote up some new Dark Humour attunements which I like better. Punchline is especially mean :)

1. Curse of Sarcasm

This attunement allows the user to spend one essence and make a will roll. If the target fails a will roll then for a number of hours given by the check digit, everything they say will emerge sounding completely sarcastic. This is at least as amusing when applied to seraphim as balseraphs. There is not much point in laying the curse on other demons of dark humour, because they were probably being sarcastic anyway.

2. Punchline

Similar to Nybbas' subliminal attunement, except that this attunement allows a message (the punchline) to be embedded in any piece of artwork or writing which was created or inspired by the demon. The first viewer to successfully make a perception roll will find the punchline recurring in their subconscious until they have found a suitable way to excise it, either by enacting the suggestion or by repeating it several times accidentally when they had meant to say something else. It can be something as harmless as 'to get to the other side' or something as pernicious as 'kill all your children'. Shedim of Dark Humour love this as a way to 'soften up' a target -- they can show him how to get the words out of his mind, oh yes.

3. Rampant Hysteria

The demon of dark humour makes a joke, usually at someone else's expense, and spends a point of essence. The target of the attunement must make a will roll or collapse in floods of hysterical laughter for a number of minutes decided by how funny the GM and other players found the joke (from 1-6, as per a usual check digit). The afflicted must make a successful will roll to attempt any action other than laughing until the effect wears off. This can be quite dangerous when applied to bus drivers. If the target fails a will roll with a check digit of 6 then the laughter is contagious and may be re-applied to one extra listener who is within hearing range.


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