Exorcism and Limbo

By Earl Wajenberg (earlw@mc.com)


Exorcism is a standard part of spirit-lore, but so far as I know there is no discussion of it in the IN canon. Is any planned?

It seems to me there are two basic possibilities for an exorcized celestial: either they are forced into the Celestial plane or they are cast into Limbo (and, in Heaven or Hell, their Heart shatters). I like the latter because it gives so much more incentive to avoid exorcism.

Since exorcism is sort of the reverse of invocation, perhaps it could have similar game mechanics, e.g.:

Basic chance of exorcizing:

0 for a celestial, ethereal being, or unqualified human
2 for a member in good standing of a religion (any religion)
3 for an ordained/certified/official cleric of a religion

Exorcism modifiers: -1 if you are a Soldier on the same side as the target
+1 if you are a Soldier on the opposite side from the target
+2 for performing a traditional ritual with one or two people
+3 for performing a traditional ritual with three or more people

Celestials can NOT perform exorcisms. Unlike humans, they are all equally out of place in the Corporeal realm. Angels are just as succeptible as demons; you just don't hear about it because the people who talk most about exorcism are, as the saying goes, on the side of the angels.

Exorcism always applies to a person, place, or thing. The exorcised celestial is unable to approach, touch, or act on the object while the exorcism is in effect. Any atunements are broken.

The results depend on the check digit of the d666 roll:

1: The exorcized must flee and stay away for a day.
2: The exorcized is forced to go Celestial and stay away for a month.
3: The exorcized is forced to go Celestial and stay away for a year.
4: The exorcized is cast into Limbo; its Heart shatters; it must stay away for three years after returning from Limbo.
5: As with 4, but the exorcized suffers Trauma, too, and must stay away for seven years after returning from Limbo.
6: As with 5, but the exorcized must stay away permanently.

Favorable interventions probably get you the results of a 6 check digit plus a Discord, or a permanent plus for the exorcist's chances on later exorcisms. Hostile interventions... Well, for a start, the would-be exorcist is completely at the mercy of the targeted celestial, I'd think.

How do those sound? Or have I been anticipated in canon somewhere?



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