Fates and Destinies

By David Streeter (david_streeter@hotmail.com)


I don't know if this has been done before, but would it be worth having a list of Fates and Destinies for Servants of Jean and Kronos?

A future variant might be noble/ignoble acts for the Malakite resonance.

I've tried to make destinies unselfish and fates selfish.

Mundane Destinies
To marry X and have children
To become a beloved teacher of (subject)
To write a cookbook
To be valedictorian of her class
To earn lots of money and then leave it all to charity
To sponsor a third world child

Dramatic Destinies
To save the world
To save the whales
To die saving the life of another
To discover a cure for AIDS
To ascend bodily to Heaven
To destroy a demonic Tether
To survive a great catastrophe

Cryptic Destinies
To stand on the corner of Nelson St and Pennant Hills Rd on 23/03/1999
at 12:05 pm
To destroy another person's life work
Never to see the snow
To remember

Mundane Fates
To become an alcoholic
To die a meaningless death
To become a character in a soap opera
To never fall in love
To accidentally kill someone by driving too fast
To make a lot of money at other's expense

Dramatic Fates
To become a famous rock star
To become a corrupt political leader that is never caught
To cause the extinction of a plant with rare medicinal properties
To commit suicide while drunk
To invent a weapon of mass destruction
To expose the existence of Angels and Demons to the world
To become a serial killer

Cryptic Fates
To eat a sandwich from a famous restaurant
To discover a cure for cancer
Never to experience hardship

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