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While thinking about EM's comment about working Judaism into the IN canon, an idea struck me. We presently have rules for Soldiers of God and Soldiers of Hell, with rules in the Marches book regarding a special kind of Soldier of Hell: the Sorceror. How about a special kind of Soldier of God: the Prophet?

I'd define a Prophet as a human being who has a rare natural ability to perceive the Symphony. He doesn't specifically serve an angel as another Soldier of God might. Instead, his personal vision of the Symphony drives him, often against his will.

Although a Prophet serves his own vision of the Symphony, angels will definitely be interested in him and will often appear to help or converse with him. Some demons will shun him, fearing his power and his special vision. Others will seek him out -- it's quite a coup to corrupt or destroy a Prophet.

Prophets are more common than you might think. The greatest of them were founders of religions: Abraham, Moses, Jesus, Mohammed, Joseph Smith :-). Most Prophets, though, are just people of unusual charisma and drive, who turn their talents toward making life better for those around them.

I haven't worked out the game mechanics of Prophetic abilities yet, but a little research into the source material should provide some ideas. Also, in some ways Prophets are the antithesis of Sorcerors. A Sorceror thinks he is imposing his own Will on demons, but is actually their slave. A Prophet is a creature of Perception, who submits himself to the will of God but is actually free to work in the world. Prophets may therefore have some abilities that complement or oppose those of Sorcerors.

(Using this idea, we may be able to shed some light on the origins of several major religions -- including Judaism, which was started and molded by a very long tradition of Prophecy.)



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