Ho the Frotling!

By Jamie Wilmoth (wilmoth@mail.msen.com)


-Being a guide to Demonlings hastily penned by OhDearLordDon'tEatMe, formerly in service to Haagenti. Though short and extraordinarily uninformative for any serious biological discussion, it has the advantage of Existing, in contrast to any other works on the subject.

FROTLING: any random collection of parts that professes to be a demonling. Shedim without the redeeming values.

GREMLIN: a humanoid demonling that doesn't actually rsemble a small 'demon' (red skin, horns, tail, etc). Usually interchangeable with the term used for servants of Vapula, as they tend to have manipulative digits that actually work- rare in other classes- and are thus appropriated by said Dread Lord but Obviously not as Dread as Haagenti in huge numbers to work on machinery.

GRUB: A basically animalike demonling. Tend to be more edible than most. Usually in the form of worms, snakes, bats, and other handsome fauna. Obviously the finest and highest form of demonling.

IMP: a humanoid 'demon' demonling. Note that no demonlings, despite the continuined effort of various Dread Lords, bears any close resemblance to humans, unless it's a VERY dark alleyway (and the viewer is blind).

SNOT: any mobile pile apparently composed of bodily fluids and excreta. Often confused with 'frotling'. Rule of Thumb: it may look like a frotling, but it's snot.

SQUICK: a demonling that you can't... *quite*... look at without hurting yourself. Generally have the best shot at becoming Princes, they say. No, no, I meant 'Dread Lords', Dread Lord, I'mSorryDon'tEATM-

-End of parchment fragment. Astute readers will no doubt be able to divine the type of demonling our author formerly consisted of...


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