Furfur's attunements

By Pee Kitty (Pkitty@cris.com)


On Wed, 6 May 1998, Jesse wrote:

Try a Habbalite of Furfur. They are scary little power-mongers.

Okay, I'd like to bring up the well-known fact that Habbalah of Furfur are insanely overpowered. And Balseraphs of Furfur make no sense (a bonus to tell the TRUTH? ...the hell?). I'd like to share with the list my changes to these two band attunements, and see if y'all like 'em.


Furfur's Balseraphs can add their Celestial Forces to their resonance when telling a lie that will really piss off the victim.


Habbalah of Hardcore can add their Celestial Forces to the check digit of any resonance roll, except one to inspire Love. However, if the subject resists, the Habbalah do not have the option of taking dissonance - they MUST live out the emotion.

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