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At 2:14 PM +0000 3/1/99, Leath Sheales wrote: Ramesh wrote:

According to the IPG Hell tells everyone that Redemption is nothing but Propagander from heaven and that it is impossible and would kill any Demon who tried it. Or Words to those effect.

Only the most stupid demons believe that. If it were true, Asmodeus wouldn't work so hard tracking down Renegades. He'd allow Hevaen to do his job for him. Plus, there *are* Bright Lilim, which instantly makes the propaganda suspect.

Bright Lilim are a myth, citizen. They are the Host's propaganda. They do not exist. You say you have spoken with something that claimed to be a Bright Lilim? Ah, but consider the humans whose memories are stripped from them and implanted into some clever demonling -- it's exactly the same thing. Not just with Lilim, either, but with *any* demon who seeks this 'redemption' that the Host claims to exist. The soul, the *person* is destroyed, and nothing is left but a few scattered memories in a new-fledged angel.

Even if redemption does exist, you're not the same person. The Archangels force your soul open, and "clense" you of all your "evil." Your personality isn't your own. With pain and power, they twist your mind, brainwashing you until you are, of course, a "happy angel."

They take you, you know, and make you atone. You have to beg and bow and scrape. You're given to the Malakim for their amusement, and you have to suck it all up. Every beating, every molestation. Because you're atoning for what you were *born* as, for doing things that only make sense. And when you're finally broken in spirit and will accept anything they dose out and come crawling back for a pat on the head to "make it all better," then they sell you off to whoever will take you, and you can call an Archangel your Lord.

Oh, yeah, and those Malakim really *loooove* wanna-be Brights; they put little relics on them that keep them from being burned up, and then... well, then the runt with the Sword gets 'em. And you *know* what he'll do with them, since he can't get hold of their Mother.

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