Lilith's Distinctions

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I've been thinking about some ideas for Distinctions granted by Lilith. Obviously very few demons would have them, but it does say in the book that Lilith rarely grants Distinctions (emphasis mine), rather than she has no Distinctions (as in Eli's case). So if anyone has any ideas, please post them. Some ideas appear below.

Knight of the Bound
Can sense at a glance if someone is psychologically chained, if not physically. They do not know who or what these bindings are, however. Examples would be Victims of Geasa, Servants of Archangels or Demon Princes who do not want to be doing something, etc.

Captain of Escapees
Can instinctively sense the best ways of escaping from any building or prison, the ones least guarded or overlooked. With 1 Essence and a Touch, they can transfer this knowledge to any other prisoner.

Baron of the Free
dNot only can the Baron sense the best way to escape, they can alter things so that escape is more likely. By succeeding on a Will roll, the Baron causes small events to occur which aid freedom. The Check Digit of the successful roll is added to the Target Number of any roll made by the prisoners while attempting to escape. This power manifests as Guards 'forgetting' to double check a lock, the keys being left slightly too close to a cell, short circuits causing alarms to fail just as the prisoners walk past them etc.


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