Mammon and Haagenti

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(Just a note -- everything I write about Haagenti is from the "canon" persspective of Haagenti being a major Prince and Mammon being a lesser Prince. It is also twisted by coming from one of Haagenti's Dukes. YMMV, IMC, etc.)

Yes, yes, I know all about the food connotation. It's not *my* fault you humans' language doesn't have the purity of the Tounge of Hell. Yeah, when Haagenti first got his Word, it was food-centered, but with a few centuries of expansion and the invention of mass production, it's a lot more nowadays. Just see the "Consume" attunement and Haagenti's Calabim attunement.

Yeah, Gluttony's bigger than Greed. Mammon was one of the Originals, but he was sslowly slipping for a long time. See, in the ancient world, Greed wasn't an option for most of the tenant farmers or slaves or serfs that made up most of the population. But overindulgence in alcohol was, for example. The biggest reason Mammon survived so long was Gluttony was a Word subservient to Sloth, and Sloth didn't bother going after Mammon. Too much trouble.

Mammon's saving grace was Marc, his old boss. Marc kept getting societies busy trading, which made more people wealthy enough to get greedy. By the time Haagenti had replaced Old Sloth, capitalism had firmly entrenched Greed, and Mammon was too big to immediately eat. From 1750-1900 were Mammon's glory years, where he was the fastest- growing Prince. But then mass production was invented.

Sure mass production helped fuel greed some, but the people who made lots of money because of it weren't very much more numerous than the numbers who became wealthy in the years before. What mass production did was make the masses more wealthy and goods cheaper, which has helped fuel Gluttony, which moved Haagenti from a seondary Prince under Kobal's tutelage to a major Prince.

And where does anyone get off comparing me to a Balseraph? I'm a better liar than any of that scum, except maybe a few Princes. Yeah, they can convince lots of mortals -- but they try it on a demon with a good Will, and they eat dissonance. And at least I can lie without convincing myself the lie is true.


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