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This link gets the major ones... But hey, lemme think of some minor ones!

Litheroy [mildly positive] A Lilim of Revelations, like Litheroy's Seraphim, can choose which die is the check digit when she uses her resonance to discover any *non-obvious* Need. If she attempts to geas someone to reveal a truth that was hidden, her Celestial Forces are an additional penalty to the target's resistance roll.

[Litheroy is the Seraph Archangel of Revelations, in the GM Pack adventure, Feast of Blades.]

Christopher [mildly positive to neutral]

Even as Christopher's Elohim have a Lilim-like attunement, a Lilim of Children is able to sense the emotions attached to any resonance- detected Need. If she fulfills a child's desire, she has the option of taking Essence (like Elohim of Children) or a Geas-hook -- but if she geases a child to something that harms the child, she will become dissonant. (Fortunately, "Eat your carrots, dear," is perfectly acceptable.)

[Christopher is the Cherub AA of Children, from _Night Music_.]

Zadkiel [neutral]

A Lilim of Protection would partake somewhat of her Archangel's nature. With a successful Perception roll, she can home in on the closest appropriate (i.e., "faithful," "non-evil") person who needs protection as if she were a Cherub attuned to that person! This "attunement" lasts until she gets to the person, or until the danger has passed.

[Zadkiel is the Cherub AA of Protection, from _Heaven & Hell_.]

Khalid [hostile]

With eye contact, a Lilim of Faith could see what someone most needed to believe in -- whether it is that there is a God, or whether it's that their beloved really does love them back. She may also geas someone to "have faith" in a person, institution or concept -- instead of causing dissonance or damange when resisted, the geas gives a +(Geas level) bonus to any one skill the GM considers directly relavant.

(Someone who needed to have faith in a cause, before a battle, would gain a bonus to Fighting or a weapon skill. Someone urged to have faith in a spouse would get a bonus to all rolls to remain calm and objective, etc.)

[Khalid is the Elohite AA of Faith, from _Final Trumpet_.] // In Nomine Line Editor GURPS, Roleplayers, In Nomine stuff; Art:


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