Ofanim resonance

By Neel Krishnaswami (neelk@MIT.EDU)


I've been looking at the Ofanim resonance, and have decided that the motion aspect of their power needs to beefed up.

As it stands, an Ofanite in celestial form can move the check digit in miles in a single minute if it makes its resonance check. Now let's assume Joe Ofanite has 6 Celestial Forces, so that he'll fail his resonance check only on an Infernal Intervention. Then he's going to be averaging 3.5 miles/minute, or 210 miles per hour.

Sure, this is fast for you and me, but it's singularly unimpressive for angels of motion. If Joe wanted to get from New York to LA, he would get there faster buying a plane ticket than using his connection to the Divine. And this is a 6 Celestial Force Ofanite! Most would be slower.

In order to fix this, I would arbitrarily multiply the Ofanite speed by 10. An Ofanite making his resonance roll can travel 10 times its check digit in miles each minute. Now, with a skill of 12, he can manage 2100 mph, or a cool Mach 3. *Much* better. (And it doesn't really affect game balance, since a celestial Ofanite could already get across town PDQ, and this doesn't change that.)

As a side benefit, you can fill the skies with mysterious glowing circles that travel at incredible velocities and can make hairpin turns, and somehow never show up on radar or photgraphs, and that reliable witnesses still swear they see...

(Adventure seed for demons: Vapula becomes convinced that UFOs are real, and sends the PCs out to get one for him. PCs discover that UFOs are Ofanim, and Vapula misinterprets their report..."The *Ofanim* have UFOs? What are you standing there for? Get out there and don't come back until you've captured one from them!")

----- Neel Krishnaswami neelk@alum.mit.edu


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