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Eli: Would probably rather bi-sexuality, since otherwise the person is potentially cut off from the joys of creating a new life. But other than that, hey, be cool.

*nod* I was thinking he'd probably be very laid back about it, but really what has homosexual love got to do with creation? (On the other hand, what does vessels having sex got to do with creation either and thats one of his rites...)

Whilst I'm being politically incorrect here's another couple of things:

Freedom is not a Good (angelic) thing in the IN world

- Other than Lilim (who are the essence of selfishness) and mortals (who cannot hear the symphony, on the whole), angels and demons really don't want to be free (note that although many of the demons rebelled, they didn't rebel for freedom -- even the DPs serve Lucifer and who knows who Lucifer serves? (or if they did then they don't seem too bothered that they didn't get it)). Each one of them was created in harmony with the symphony

-- rebelling means rebelling against themselves and against the symphony itself. It isn't like the American War of Independence! ;-) Demons are in general FAR more likely to claim to love freedom than angels (because they mean freedom from responsibility! They still don't have it though). A 'free' lilim serving lilith is not bright.

To be bright, it needs to serve an AA -- and have accepted the concept that 'the only true way to be free is when you are free to choose and choose to serve' -- I think this may be the last stage in any lilim becoming bright and most of them are too wrapped up in inner selfishness to be able to take that last step.

Some books deserve to be burned in the IN world

- Books are a form of media. There are some books out there which WILL guide readers towards hell, that is their sole purpose (and some which will guide readers towards heaven as well). Even the most devoutly pro-paper follower of Yves will acknowlege that some texts should not be available to mortals -- their sole purpose is to drag souls into hell. Followers of Dominic are quite right when they want them burned (of course the inquisition gets a bit over-enthusiastic but lets be honest, which is more important -- a book or a soul? In the IN world, this is something you literally have to weigh up. The price of keeping a demonic book out there on the shelves is that it WILL lead people to their fate.)


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