Undead, Soul Extinction, Essence Mining and Saminga

By Emily Dresner (zenith@umich.edu)


Saminga looks pretty powerful, after all Death is everywhere, you could debate how much of it is Bad or Diabolic Death and how much is Good Death, but that^s for another time. His Corporeal servants tend to be powerful and obviously so, but he doesn^t have the Essence to smeg all and sundry on the Celestial Planes, because if he did have the Essence he would just do it.

This is probably just me, and a point of semantics, but I see Saminga as the Demon Prince of the Dead, which is different then the Demon Prince of Death. He doesn't have dominion over the dying and the act of death, that I hand to the Archangel Eli (with Creation comes Destruction, there comes a time for even the stars above to die...) who is righteously incredibly powerful. I give to Saminga the rotting corpses filled with maggots which are left behind in the ground long after the Soul has moved on; I give him dominion over death camps and firing squads and the gallows and mad serial killers who revel in the dead and whose minds cannot comprehend life, but I do not give him power over death itself. Saminga is no Grim Reaper - he is what is left behind after Judgment has come and gone. His dominion is empty corpses, and even his Soldiers are just that - dead animated bodies.

Now, this limits him nicely. He gets death rites and satanists and mass burials, but he doesn't get essence every time someone dies. He has no power over the act of someone dying, he only has what is left after they are gone.

- Em

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