A few sins

By Niall Teasdale (nt@sss.co.uk)


Hi all,

For those looking for a few things for demons to promote, or for angels to stop happening, the book of Leviticus is a wonderful source of inspiration. Leviticus 20 is the best bit. A few examples:

Death is the punishment for:
Cursing your parents,
Homosexuality and lesbianism,
Wizardry, Ownership of a familiar spirit.

Exile is for:
Looking upon the nakedness of your close relatives,
Seeing a woman's body while she is menstruating.

Leviticus 19 bans herbaceous borders, since you aren't allowed to plant the seeds of different species in the same field. I believe that there's also a passage banning the mixing of different kinds of thread in the same garments, so Mercurians will have to stop wearing those designer clothes!

For those interested in discovering what angels can and cannot eat, it's in Leviticus 11.

BTW. In the "Deluge" adventure seed I read in the In Nomine Collection, it states that homosexuality was the Sin of Sodom. This isn't actually the case, the Sin of Sodom was being nasty to strangers (inhospitality). For those who wish to flame me on this one, the source is the Bible.



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