Word-Bound Outcasts

By Earl Wajenberg (earlw@mc.com)


Chris Crowe wrote:

i've been toying with the idea of Superiors for Outcasts. sort of a "grey", neutral faction of angels who don't want to be apart of the machinations of Heaven or Hell. i think Eli would head them up, but i'm not sure about it's feasability in the game.

Remember an Outcast is near falling, perhaps, but not fallen. So a faction of Outcasts would still be angels, just on the outs with the powers of Heaven (and probably riddled with dissonance and discord).

Without going to Outcasts, you could factionalize Heaven by organizing the Archangels into parties and having minority parties and coalitions, etc. In fact, Derek was going to do something like that, in the early design phases of the game; I ran across the drafts somewhere in the SJG Web pages, long ago. There were angelic "parties" of Fortitude, Justice, etc.

Building on the current setup, you could have a "Nature" party, consisting of the Archangels who are concerned with natural powers -- Fire, Wind, Stone, Animals, Flowers. Note that, on the moral plane, all of them are pretty indifferent to formal organization and law. They could be a minority Nature party in opposition to the Law party headed by Dominic, Laurence, and other more starchy Archangels. Or you could have the Law party be the minority.

Another division could be the Grace party, once more opposed to a Law or Jusice party, but this time led by Blandine, Novalis, Christopher, Zadkiel, and the other more laid-back Archangels.

If you want Armageddon looming on the horizon, there could be a War party headed by Michael, Laurence, David, and Gabriel.

If you like Outcasts, you can just increase the political tension until the minority party has left en masse, or been exiled, so that there is an Outcast bloc. (Remember blocs with no K?)

Hell, of course, should be even more factionalized. One split could be the World (Mammon, Malphas, Baal, Vapula) versus the Flesh (Andrealphus, Haagenti). Or Annihilation (Saminga, Belial) versus Corruption (Andrealphus, Mammon, etc.).



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